Meet Annie-May Smith, apprentice construction manager

Elham is a true pillar of ISG’s operations in the Middle East. She manages a critical aspect of projects’ handover, interfacing with multiple local authorities to obtain government clearance for projects to open to the public, or for clients to move to new offices. Throughout her six-year tenure at ISG, she has impressed her colleagues and clients alike with her leadership skills, ability to work and deliver under pressure and her consistent success in closing jobs professionally. Her record of securing government permits, from the first submission, with zero rejection record, has increased trust between ISG, government authorities and is a great advantage for ISG in an increasingly competitive market.

Elham’s role is particularly challenging in an emerging market, such as the UAE, where construction regulations change regularly and often without notification, and a general lack of transparency prevails, when dealing with permits and approvals. Elham’s ability to deal with frequent changes, across different regions and at a federal level, with a 100% success record over almost five years, is a significant achievement.

She has clients’ respect, even though most have not even met her in person. Her ISG colleagues are her biggest advocates because she invests a significant amount of time in sharing expertise, helping others understand her role to mitigate risks from the onset and aligning the entire team around delivering the best outcome for ISG’s clients.

Elham also has a great ability to foresee risks and spends time studying projects to identify potential challenges from the get-go, which goes beyond the requirements of her job. This ensures, not only her own success but the success of the wider ISG Middle East project teams. She has secured authority approvals for all of ISG’s projects across corporate fit out projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, healthcare, leisure and hospitality, including Zayed National Stadium, Aji, Akira Back restaurant and Sobe lounge at the w Hotel, The Palm.

She is an Egyptian national, with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from Zagazig University.

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