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Graduating soon?

Discover our fantastic graduate programme – Developing talent, Delivering futures – focused on practical and enjoyable development, and on the job experience and responsibility to kick-start your career in the construction industry.

Developing talent, Delivering futures

Start your career with ISG. Not only will you hit the ground running professionally, but you’ll also be working alongside some of the industry’s best people with a genuine passion for creating an unbeatable customer experience. 

At ISG, we have developed a comprehensive development training programme to kick-start your career at ISG and in the construction industry. We call it Developing Talent, Delivering Futures because we are committed to helping you grow your skills, ambition and capability into a fantastic career. Our programme gives you an exciting insight into the different roles and specialist areas available to you and supports you to develop your own career path.

The programme

Our comprehensive development programme includes the following roles and gives you the skills and experience needed to start a successful career in the industry.

Other roles

We do on occasion have other roles within the graduate programme, such as design managers, planners and project engineers.

Deciding the best route for you

We will work with you during the recruitment process to find the right route for you, based on your degree, experience and interests.

For each of the roles above, the graduate programme comprises the following:

  • A formal training programme covering both behavioural and technical skills from problem solving and team working, to essential health and safety training and technical construction knowledge
  • Rotation across core disciplines with the option to add other rotations into your programme
  • A structured development record to guide you in the skills and experience you need to gain across the different roles and specialist areas in the industry
  • A dedicated supervisor to work with you and support you in completing your development record and gaining the experience you need
  • A line manager to support you on each project
  • A buddy, from a previous graduate intake to help you settle in

The programme will support you on your journey to assistant manager, allowing you to demonstrate your skills and experience on real projects from day one. You’ll be amazed how quickly you develop your expertise and increase the responsibility you have.

How we hire graduates

We've produced a guide to explain our process for hiring graduates:

Guide for graduates

Application process for 2018 is now closed.

If you have any questions about our programmes, please contact